Zbyszko On Way For Match Here

The Spokesman-Review – July 19, 1925

Stanislaus Zbyszko is expected to arrive tomorrow morning from Portland for his match with Dan Koloff, Bulgarian champion, at the Fort George Wright open-air arena Thursday night, July 23. Koloff should reach Spokane Tuesday, as an engagement in Los Angeles July 19 prevents his arrival at an earlier date.

With the veteran Pole and the big coast heavyweight as the headliners for his open-air card at the post arena, promoter Hat Freeman is expecting a big turnout. Both have appeared in Spokane in bouts before, although on different cards.

This bout should prove a bigger thriller than the recent Zbyszko-LeHereux bout, as the men are better matched. LeHereux lacked the weight, experience and cunning to cope successfully with the crafty Pole, although he was game enough and willing to mix. Koloff had a marked advantage over the young Canadian in that he has had more experience, is some 15 pounds heavier and knows the game better. Hence he should prove a formidable foe for his agile and fast opponent.

Koloff has been winning consistently in his bouts on the Coast, although he lost a match to champion Joe Stecher in Los Angeles recently, when the scissors artist took two straight falls. Koloff made an excellent showing against Stecher here last fall, taking one of three falls from the present champ.

Zbyszko has been winning his bouts on the Coast without a great deal of difficulty, his last victim being Gobar, the mammoth Hindu, who tips the scales at 313 pounds. This will be Zbyszko’s third appearance in Spokane. The big Pole wrestled here first in 1912, in the days when Frank Gotch ruled as champion of the heavyweights, and made his second bow to local mat fans only a short time ago, when he tossed LeHereux.

Always a clean sportsman as well as an exponent of the theory of clean living, the veteran Pole is popular in Spokane and is a big drawing card. Age does not seem to impair the skill and strength of the Polish wrestler, or at least he makes up in craftiness what he loses in strength, as his records testify.

Promoter Freeman expects to stage three high-class preliminaries before the Zbyszko-Koloff go. Young Sampson, S.A.A.C. grappler, will meet Corporal Oper of Fort Wright in one, and two soldiers, Jutras and Flynn, are scheduled to clash in the second preliminary. The former pair are in the 160 or 170-pound limit, while Jutras and Flynn are lightweights. Freeman plans on arranging another preliminary between now and the time of the match.

Freeman is doing his best to get Emmett Klank to referee this match. Klank is a widely known official of Portland. The Fort Wright open-air arena provides a cooler and more comfortable place than indoor arenas. It has a seating capacity of 4,000, which will give all Spokane fans a chance to see the two stars.


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