Modern Wrestling Harder Game Than Gotch Knew

Havre Daily News – December 1, 1928

ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — The late Frank Gotch, who is the standard by which wrestlers have been measured through the years since he ruled the mat domain, would never be champion of the world today in the opinion of Stanislaus Zbyszko, oldest grappler in the game and one of the most ancient of competitive athletes in the world today.

Zbyszko believes that wrestling has advanced just as have other sports and that the Old Master would have found his toe hold and half-nelson a little out of date in present competition.

“I won’t say who could have thrown him,” Zbyszko says, “but there are so many more wrestlers nowadays than there were back in his time; so many new and effective holds; men so much bigger and perhaps more powerful than old Frank that I doubt seriously that he would top them all.”

The Old Man does not openly commit himself regarding the prowess of present-day wrestlers. Asked how Ed Lewis and Joe Stecher compare, he says only that “Lewis was a fine wrestler a few years back, but he’s 43 now and may not be as good as then.”

The Polish athlete declares that wrestling has improved gradually since he first entered the game more than 30 years ago in his native country. He deplores, however, the presence of certain holds, which he says are “not wrestling holds, but simply invented measures of torture.”

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