Injunction Sought

The Canberra Times – August 19, 1927

MELBOURNE, Thursday.
Mr. Justice McArthur refused to-day to grant to Adolph Ernst, a wrestler, known professionally as Ad Santel, an international injunction to restrain Sam Clapham, wrestler, Richard Lean, promoter, and Melbourne Stadiums, Ltd., from describing Clapham as light heavyweight champion of the world. Santel sought an injunction pending the train of action against the three defendants for damages. He contended that he had suffered pecuniary loss from the defendant’s misstatements.

His Honor said it seemed that the Court was being used for some advantage on both sides. What the Court was asked to decide “was whether in the opinion of the press or sporting public someone was recognised as light-heavy weight champion. He saw no ground for grant an interlocutory injunction. Santel was at liberty to go on with his action, but he (his Honor), did not encourage him to assume that his claim would be entertained by the Court. However, it was for Santel to decide whether he would go on.

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