Thesz Retains Crown, Subjecting Valentine To Big Drop

Globe & Mail – September 17, 1965
By Steve York

Crafty and snarly as ever, Lou Thesz defeated Johnny Valentine in the main wrestling match last night at Maple Leaf Gardens. By winning, evergreen Lou retained the National Wrestling Alliance world heavyweight championship.

Thesz beat Valentine with his recently acquired Greco-Roman backdrop at 21:35 of the one-fall title match. By winning, Thesz grievously disappointed the crowd of 3,500 and Valentine’s No. 1 fan who has lately taken to recording his moves by camera.

Valentine is everybody’s friend these days and every fan wants him to win every time out.

Thesz may be old but, when he wants to be, he can be as fast as any young challenger. That’s the way Lou won against Valentine.

Johnny had applied an abdominal stretch. While undergoing considerable discomfort, Thesz worked his way to the ropes so that referee Tiger Tasker would order Valentine to release his hold.

As Valentine began to untangle himself from Thesz he relaxed slightly. That was all Thesz needed. Before you could say Lou Thesz he had an armlock on Valentine and had flopped him on his back in an eyeblinking move. Valentine landed so heavily he couldn’t regain his senses before Tasker had banged out the victory count on the mat.

As usual Thesz tried to tell Tasker how the match should be run and at the beginning shooed off Valentine as if he considered him not worthy to be in the ring with him.

Fred Atkins is becoming a linguist. Whenever he appears with Professor Mye Hiro, announcer Gerry Hiff introduces Atkins as his interpreter and confidant. Last night Atkins appeared with a newcomer, Jeet Singh of India, and Hiff told the fans he was Singh’s interpreter. You might call Atkins polyglot except that if you did he might pop you on the nose, Fierce Fred taking umbrage easily.

Oh, yes, Singh won, beating monocled Stamford Murphy with a cobra hold in 4:12.

Tasker continued his trend to color in referees’ costumes. This time Tiger wore a white T-shirt and aquamarine slacks that showed very bright under the ring lights.

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