Testy Tasker Awards Bout To Sammartino

Globe & Mail – September 27, 1965

Wrestler Johnny Powers caught referee Tiger Tasker in one of his no-trifling moods last night at Maple Leaf Gardens. The result was Powers was disqualified in the main bout with Bruno Sammartino at 16:18. Tasker awarded the one-fall match to Sammartino, a mighty pleasing decision to the crowd of 4,999.

Powers aimed an elbow smash at Sammartino but he ducked and Tasker took the blow in the face. Instead of warning Powers as he usually does an offender in such a circumstance, Tasker stopped the bout pronto and ruled in Bruno’s favor.

Powers tried his favorite finishing hold, the Powerlock, four times shortly before being disqualified, but Sammartino broke it each time by ramming a big fist into Johnny’s face.

Sammartino limited himself to one bearhug, his usual finishing move. It came early and Powers got out of it with an elbow smash that hit Sammartino that time and not Tasker.

Tasker might have been a bit touchy because of another Tiger on the card. This was Tiger Jeet Singh who took 50 seconds to dispose of Pat Flanagan with a cobra hold in the second match.

There will be another show next Sunday with the first match at 7:30. Promoter Frank Tunney hopes to have Gene Kiniski and Whipper Watson among the personalities on the card.

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