Cowboy Bob Ellis, Johnny Valentine Win Mains

St. Louis Globe-Democrat – April 22, 1961

Bob Ellis pinned Wladek (Killer) Kowalski and Johnny Valentine pinned Sonny Myers in a pair of main event matches on the St. Louis Wrestling Clubs program at Kiel Auditorium Friday night. There were 6275 fans present.

Ellis booted Kowalski out of the ring five successive times with his kangaroo kick. On the “Killers” fifth trip through the ropes his legs became entangled in the ropes and he hung there as referee Babe Martin counted him out. The Time was four minutes 34 seconds.

Valentine was able to work out of Myers sleeper hold on three straight occasions. When Myers jumped on Valentine back for a fourth try at the hold, Johnny raced for the ring corner bent over and sent Myers sailing head first into the ring buckle. Myers fell to the mat and Valentine pinned him in 24 minutes 29 seconds.

Other matches – John Paul Henning defeated Buddy Austin with a bow and arrow hold in 7:41.

Guy LaRose & Ray Gordon won on a disqualification from Nikita & Ivan Kalmikoff for throwing their opponents out of the ring after winning the match (referee Babe Martin reversed the decision).

Rip Hawk pinned Bobby Graham in 13:21.

Roy McClarity and Taro Myaki went to a draw in the opener.

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