Quits The Mat For The Ring

Tacoma Daily News – April 17, 1908
By Biddy Bishop

Victor McLaglen returned to Tacoma yesterday afternoon looking none the worse for his wrestling match with Dr. Roller in Portland Wednesday night. The big fellow was discouraged at not winning, but he was satisfied that he had been thrown by a man who is not far from the championship, and there was some consolation in this.

“I will wrestle no more,” said Vic last night to the writer. “When I made the match with Roller I was sincere in thinking that I had acquired a sufficient knowledge of the catch-as-catch-can game to wipe out the defeat from him in this city, but in this I was mistaken. From now on I will devote all of my attention to boxing. The impression that I believe I think myself a great fighter is wrong. I know I have lots to learn at the fighting game. No man can become a champion in a few short months, but I am only 21 years old and am willing to learn.”

Will MacRae, the sporting critic on the Portland Oregonian, said the match between Roller and McLaglen was fast and well worth looking at, but that a little over ten minutes of action was hardly enough to satisfy the crowd.

McLaglen stated this morning that since he had challenged the Whitworth college football team to a handicap wrestling match he would fulfill this agreement, providing Coach Reuber decided to accept the match, but that this would positively be his last encounter on the padded floor.


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