Many Will Bet On Dr. Roller

Tacoma Daily News – June 24, 1908

SEATTLE – The championship wrestling match between Frank Gotch, champion of the world, and Dr. B.F. Roller, the western champion, is exciting an unusual amount of interest among lovers of professional sports, and it is doubted that the Dreamland Rink will be large enough to accommodate the large crowd that will be clamoring for tickets.

The match takes place on week from tonight and will be a straight contest without handicaps, as in the last meeting between the two in which Gotch attempted to throw Roller in one hour and failed. The coming match will be according to catch-as-catch-can style, and the best two in three falls will determine the winner.

There has been a good deal of betting so far on the result, in most instances Gotch being held a slight favorite, but there is so much Roller money in sight that it is thought the price will be even money, and take your pick when the men are ready to go on the mat.

By way of diversion from the usual routine of training, Roller went up to Everett the other evening to referee a wrestling match. He was given a great ovation when he was introduced to the audience.

Joe Carroll, who is preparing Roller for the big match, is confident his protégé will win. Gotch is saying little as to the probably outcome, but he is leaving no stone unturned to get himself in the proper fix, which is evident that he anticipates a hard tussle.

The men are to wrestle for a side bet of $500 and the gate receipts, which will be divided 60 per cent to the winner and 40 to the loser.

Both men will weight in the neighborhood of 200 pounds when they shake hands on the pad at 8:30 o’clock Wednesday, July 1. Besides being almost equal in the matter of weight, the men compare evenly in measurements, scarcely a fraction of an inch in each department of their physical makeup being shown by the tape line. Both are 31 years of age, Gotch being eight months the younger. Roller will be 32 years of age on the day he is to tackle Gotch for the championship.

Both are of German parentage and both hail from the central states, Gotch from Iowa and Roller from Illinois. They were born about 200 miles apart and both were farmer boys. Neither uses tobacco nor drink in any form, and each has an extreme fondness for his mother, which has done a lot toward making both unusually popular. Gotch immediately went home to his mother at Humboldt, Ia., after having thrown George Hackenschmidt, and Dr. Roller hurried to Newman, Ind., to see his mother, who was sick, soon after he threw Beell at Seattle last month.


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