Roller Throws The Giant Swede

Tacoma Daily News – April 7, 1908

SEATTLE – Dr. B.F. Roller of this city last night defeated Ole Donnelson, the giant Swede, in two straight falls, before a large crowd at the Seattle Theater. Roller took the first fall with a chancery hold in 23 minutes and 15 seconds, and the second in 20 minutes and 50 seconds. The last fall was secured with a chancery and bar hold, which was effected by the toe hold, which Roller appears to have mastered to the queen’s taste.

The match was not productive of a great deal of science because of the Swede’s aggressive tactics. Roller was required to keep on the hop continually, but it was only necessary for him to watch the attempts of his opponent and guard against him securing anything that might later develop into a dangerous hold. Donnelson displayed wonderful strength and at times he made Roller extend himself.

Once when the wrestlers were mixing it up in lively fashion the Swede almost flopped Roller on his shoulders, but the physician-wrestler was too quick for the big fellow and he wiggled out of danger in a surprisingly fast manner.

Donnelson’s strength made him a dangerous opponent at all times and there was much necessity for the local man to keep his wits with him. The result proved conclusively that it will require a champion of the Frank Gotch type to throw Dr. Roller.


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