Hackenschmidt Sails For Dear Old London

Associated Press – April 8, 1908

NEW YORK – Sore in mind and body, George Hackenschmidt, the “Russian Lion” and former world’s champion wrestler, is on the ocean bound for England. Hackenschmidt did not wish to discuss his recent match in Chicago with Frank Gotch, but before he sailed he said:

“I believe I have not had a square deal. The referee when I met Frank Gotch in Chicago did not seem to see the way in which Gotch was wrestling. I had no one behind me to look after my interests.

“You can see for yourself,” said the Lion, turning the left side of his face and eye badly disfigured.

“That comes from scratching and should not be allowed in a wrestling match. Gotch kept digging his thumb into my eyes. Gotch was washed down with oil before the bout and I could not get a hold on him. If everything had been fair I am sure I would have won.”


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