Comments Of Late Sporting Events

Tacoma Daily News – April 4, 1908
By Biddy Bishop

The result of the big wrestling match last night came as a gentle surprise to nine-tenths of the sporting public. There were few who thought Frank Gotch had a chance to throw Hackenschmidt and the betting in the East showed plainly that the people in that section, where the men had prepared, were of the same frame of mind. Odds of 1 to 2 went begging on the foreigner and there was a lot of money wagered that Gotch would not get even the semblance of a fall. That the “Russian Lion” is not invincible was clearly proven last night and the American is entitled to all the glroy and coin he earned from his splendid victory. The contest showed more than one thing. It brought out the fact that George Hackenschmidt is not a thoroughly game wrestler. Gotch’s rough tactics and continued aggressiveness took the ginger out of the visitor and he lost heart. Frank Gotch will earn a good-sized fortune as the result of his victory. It is reported that 8,000 persons saw the match last night and as the prices ranged from $3 to $25 it is estimated the gate receipts amounted to something like $60,000.


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