Beell And An AKA Named War Eagle Ready

Associated Press – January 4, 1908

CHICAGO – A unique wrestling match was arranged last night to take place on the night of January 10 at the Fort Dearborn Athletic Club. It will involve Fred Beell, the light heavyweight champion, and War Eagle, the Blackfoot Indian chief, who recently gave Frank Gotch such a hard tussle on the mat.

Beell will weigh in the neighborhood of 160 pounds, while the Indian wrestler will scale every ounce of 245. Beell’s manager says if his man is successful in the bout with the Indian he will again issue a challenge to meet Frank Gotch on the mat with the proviso that Gotch’s toe hold be barred.

Some months ago Beell made this proposition to the champion, but it was turned down. Later Beell posted $1,000 to bind a match with Gotch, in which the toe hold was asked to be eliminated, but again the champion ignored the proposition and now Beell says he will repeat the challenge if he succeeds in throwing the redskin next Friday night.

The match between War Eagle and Beell is attracting a lot of attention among local lovers of wrestling and the training quarters of both men are crowded each day with spectators who are anxious to see the men go through their preliminary training.

War Eagle is the Indian Joe Schildt who used to wrestle and box in the preliminary bouts held at Germania Hall, Tacoma, about two or three years ago. At that time he was looked upon as a big fat dub, but he appears to be getting the money now.

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  1. Outstanding post. Never knew this, appreciate it for
    letting me know.

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