Roller Is Desirous Of Boxing

Tacoma Daily News – January 3, 1908

Dr. B.F. Roller has again showed his fondness for the boxing game.

Yesterday he sent word to the writer by Lee Croft, the local amateur heavyweight boxer, that he desired to make his debut in the ring and that nothing would suit him better than to have a whirl at the man he defeated in a wrestling bout in Tacoma – Vic McLaglen.

Roller, with his usual display of class, says, however, that such a meeting would depend largely on the showing McLaglen made in his coming contest with George Paris at Vancouver. Since it is possible that the affair with Paris may be canceled, the doctor may have to waive this proviso, and, another thing, what difference would McLaglen’s showing make since both he and the doctor are beginners.

For some months Dr. Roller has been planning his advent into the puglistic game, so that this announcement hardly comes as a surprise. His reason for picking out McLaglen is perhaps because, like himself, he is just starting in at the game and he feels no doubt that he would not be overmatching himself in the matter of going up against a seasoned boxer.

“Dr. Roller is sincere,” said Croft yesterday when he conveyed the message from the Seattle man, “and he is anxious to box McLaglen. He said that the details could be talked over after the bout between Paris and McLaglen had been decided and that much would depend on the showing the big fellow made in this contest.

“Roller told me he thought Mac would make a better boxer than a wrestler, for he is built better for such work. He also told me he thought McLaglen should confine himself to Graeco-Roman wrestling, which would bar toe and leg holds,” said Croft.

It would be a strange coincidence if McLaglen should happen to secure a match with Roller and win from him after having lost to him in a wrestling bout. There is no question as to McLaglen’s ability as a boxer. He is better right now than most professionals and if he and Roller do meet the doctor will have to outclass him equally as much with the gloves as he did on the mat in order to win from him.


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