Gotch Couldn’t Throw Gus Schoenlein

Associated Press – January 10, 1908

BALTIMORE – Frank Gotch, the American wrestling champion, had a crimp put in his title last night when he failed to throw Gus Schoenlein, a local heavyweight mat artist, twice within an hour, as he agreed to do.

With his famous “toe hold,” the champion took the first fall in 41 minutes, but the time-keeper called out “time” qat the 60-minute limit of the handicap and Schoenlein was still fresh, while Gotch was wet with perspiration from his violent efforts.

Gotch announced just before the match that he had received a telegram from George Hackenschmidt, which indicated that the European had serious intentions ofmeeting him on the mat in America. The wire asked if a suitable date in April could be arranged. Gotch answered that it could and that the bout would be held at Chicago or Kansas City.

Gotch announced that he has made up his mind to retire at the end of this year. The height of his ambition has been to meet Hackenschmidt, and now that this seems likely to be realized, he says he is ready to quit.

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