Referee Faces Two Opponents

The Oregonian – March 12, 1944

George Kitzmiller and Jack Lipscomb, whose main-event clash last week ended in a verdict for Lipscomb when Kitzmiller stayed out of the ring too long while engaged in an unscheduled fracas with Buck Davidson, tangle again Monday night at the Labor Temple – with Davidson officially in the match this time.

Kitzmiller, enraged at his defeat, immediately challenged his hecklers and both accepted. So promoter Don Owen arranged a no-time-limit match, with the burly, 220-pound Kitzmiller out to throw both opponents, one at a time.

Lipscomb is expected to be the No. 1 foe, with Davidson following should the erstwhile arbiter get over his first test.

Jack Kiser, back from the east with a bagful of new mat tricks, tackles veteran Bulldog Jackson in the 45-minute semi-windup. Billy McEuin and Tex Porter, both on the “meanie” side, clash in the curtain-raiser at 8:30 p.m.

Tex Hager has been named by the athletic commission to referee the card.


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