Cyclone Thompson Wins Championship Belt

The Spokesman-Review – June 17, 1925

It took Cyclone Thompson just 36 minutes to conquer Iron Chamberlain, Worley, Idaho, deputy sheriff, and become the favored claimant of the Oscar Levitch championship belt last night in the main event of the wrestling card staged by the Disabled American Veterans of the World War.

The small attendance was the only drawback of an otherwise highly successful night. About 350 persons witnessed the show and of that number at least 200 were “deadheads.” Had not all of the wrestlers donated their services, even paying their own expenses, the vets would have lost money. As it was they cleared about $2, it was said by Bob Yandell, who had charge of the card for the war victims.

Chris Gesek, former A.A.U. welterweight champion, and Dan Karll of Salt Lake City put up a great battle, Gesek winning by taking the second fall with an arm scissors in four minutes and the third by an arm lock in nine minutes. Karll took the first fall with a toe hold and body scissors in 21 minutes.

Professor S. Takahashi, 150-pound ju-jitsu expert, had an easy time with George Hall, 185 pounds. The wily oriental tossed the big fellow around almost as he would a bag of feathers. The match was ju-jitsu style and Hall deserved a lot of praise for staying with the Jap 16 minutes, Takahashi taking the fall with an arm twist. Hall says – and his match proved it – that he knows very little about ju-jitsu. The hold by which Takahashi threw him paralyzed the big fellow’s arm and for more than an hour after the match, Hall was barely able to lift a limb.

Cyclone Thompson demonstrated again that he is a remarkable wrestler. Chamberlain, with a bag of clever tricks, tried them all on Thompson, and many times the Spokane wrestler was in a bad way. Thompson always managed to wriggle from the holds just as it looked like he was going to give up. Chamberlain is part Indian, and the grit and aggressiveness which is credited to the red man certainly came to the front last night.

The first fall went 22 minutes, every second of which was crowded with plenty of action. A double wristlock by Thompson finally gave him the first victory, Chamberlain being forced to give up.

The second canto did not last so long. Thompson conquered by a double hammerlock in 14 minutes. Not a one of the matches was marred by the least sign of dirty tactics. All of the participants did their parts in the clean manner that it will take to put wrestling on its feet in Spokane.

Chris Gesek, conqueror of Karll, challenged the winner of the Chamberlain-Thompson affair.

The fans were entertained first by some little preliminary stunts that went over well. One of the vets put on a Swedish monologue that was a wow. Roy Rogers, headliner at the Pantages, got off a lot of witty stuff that brought applause. He also explained the rules governing the disposal of the diamond-studded belt donated by Mr. Levitch. The jeweler was introduced and given a great ovation when he held the dazzling trophy before the audience.

Commander A.M. Grohe of the vets was introduced by Joe Adams, that dean of announcers, and told of the vets’ plan to have another wrestling show on June 30. Just where it will be staged or who the principals will be has not been decided upon.

The Levitch belt, it was announced by Adams, will be on display in the jeweler’s window for the remainder of the week.


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