Eric Bischoff Surprises All By Becoming Newest Member Of New World Order

Wilmingston Morning Star – December 4, 1996
By Ronald Jordan

“They have leadership, and we have none.”

Those were the words of announcer Larry Zbyszko a few weeks ago when assessing why the New World Order had been so successful in its attempts to dominate and control World Championship Wrestling.  Well, now that WCW senior executive vice president and key announcer Eric Bischoff has joined the NWO it now looks like total domination.

In case some of you missed it recently on “WCW Monday Nitro” Bischoff became the newest member of the NWO.  Yes, that’s right.  After all that talk about what a mistake it was to bring Hulk Hogan into WCW, and how determined he was to get rid of defend the honor of WCW, Bischoff has joined up with the bad guys.

Why the jump?

Bischoff never said during the show.  He was too busy hiding behind Hogan and taunting Rowdy Roddy Piper while other members of the NWO beat up on Piper.  But we can expect that Bischoff will have some sort of explanation and that it will probably come while he is working at his new job as announcer for the first hour of “Nitro,” which is soon to become something like “NWO Monday Nitro.”

I can’t say that the Bischoff turn was a complete surprise.  It had been rumored a couple of months back that he might end up in Hogan’s camp.  But with all the rhetoric he had spouted off lately about the tradition of the NWA/WCW and how important it was to him that the company’s honor and integrity be defended, it was kind of hard to believe that Bischoff would make such a move.  The jump simply adds to an already confused state of affairs in terms of where WCW is going with this NWO angle.

Zbyszko is right.  There is no leadership in WCW.

Sting, who once was regarded as the “franchise” of the organization, is off in la la land trying to find himself.

And Ric Flair, who everybody looks up to as a leader, is injured and can’t wrestle for another four or five months.

There’s nobody left.  Unless, of course, the “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes decides to step up to the plate.  Where this will all end is anybody’s guess.  One would think that the WCW will eventually prevail.  But how?

An upcoming interview with Bischoff may shed more light on the subject.  Stay tuned

Sycho Sid cheated his way to becoming the new World Wrestling Federation champion during his match against Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series.  Sid, who up until the closing moments of the match had wrestled a good, clean match, used a television camera to strike both Michaels and his manager, Jose Lothario.

The fact that Sid won is good.  Having the title will certainly stroke his ego.  But don’t expect his reign to be a long one.  It’s very likely that we will see a new WWF champion when Sid takes on Bret Hart in December at the In Your House pay per view.

Too Cold Scorpio made his debut at Survivor Series using the name Flash Funk, and dazzled the crowd with some of his fancy dance steps and high flying antics.

“It’s too early to tell what the name implies or just what kind of gimmick Scorpio will use so, at this point, I won’t make comment on what direction it looks to be headed in.  I will, however, say something about Ron (Farooq) Simmons and the new role he is playing as the leader of the “Nation of Domination.”  He exchanged that goofy-looking headgear for a hat similar to those worn by a well-known religious group.

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