Steele Pins Terror In Olympic Tiff

Los Angeles Times – May 29, 1941

Ray Steele, the National Wrestling Association’s champion, took two out of three falls from the Golden Terror in the main event at Olympic Auditorium last night, clearing the way for a match with Jim Londos for the undisputed world crown June 11.

Terror started fast and won the first anto in 1m. 47s. with a body press but Steele evened matters in 1m. 25s. with a series of body slams and annexed the third trick in 2m. 26s. with a bit of the same medicine.

Scoring his sixth straight victory, Juan Juarez stretched out Dick Lever in 2m. 44s. of the semi-windup with a body press. Tom Zaharias downed Otto Schnabel in 12m. 57s. with a press.

Hans Schnabel downed Al Baffert in 10m. 24s. with a backbreaker; Pete Mehringer pinned Sonny Lamont in 11m. 26s. with an Irish whip and press; Abe Kaplan flattened Giovanni Garibaldi in 7m. 22s. with a press and Dan Barnhart won over Vic Hill via flying tackles in 6m. 31s.


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