Dennis Rodman To Join Hulk Hogan In The Ring

Boca Raton News – March 9, 1997

CHICAGO – Basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman might finally find out just how bad he truly is.

The cross-dressing pro basketball star who wrote a book called “As Bad As I Wanna Be” has signed a deal to be professional wrestler Hulk Hogan’s tag-team partner this summer, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Saturday.

“After getting the proper direction from Hollywood Hogan, we’ll see how bad he really is,” Hogan said.

The often-suspended basketball star nicknamed “The Worm” will join a group of antihero wrestlers called the New World Order, which is led by good-guy-turned-bad-guy Hogan, professional wrestling’s biggest star.

Rodman will make a ringside appearance at World Championship Wrestling’s next pay-per-view event in March and will begin training after the Bulls’ season ends, said Eric Bischoff, WCW vice president.

The match with Hogan is scheduled for July 13 in Daytona Beach, Bischoff said.

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