Brother Jonathan’s Idea

The Age – September 28, 1939

The Mormon heavy-weight wrestler Brother Jonathan has arrived here for his match with Ray Steele at the West Melbourne stadium on Saturday night.  It will be his first match for the season here.  Since he last appeared Brother Jonathan has wrestled in New Zealand and South America, as well as in the principal cities of the United States.  He said he was still a firm believer in direct action in the ring, and did not believe, when he was jolted in a contest, in turning the other cheek.

Brother Jonathan suffered a painful injury recently when his left hand slipped under the blade of a planer.  The tops of his four fingers were almost severed but he recovered rapidly, and will not be affected as far as wrestling is concerned.

Since his arrival in Australia Brother Jonathan defeated Geo. Koverley and Geo. Zaharias.  He will find Steele a worthy opponent.  He said he is eager to check the onslaughts and rough tactics of the blustering Chief Little Wolf.  Last season Brother Jonathan drew record houses at both the Sydney and Melbourne stadiums in matches with Pat O’Shocker and Sammy Stein.

Eddie Scarf, Pat Meehan and Ray Steele will arrive to-day.

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