Brother Jonathan Disqualified

The Sydney Morning Herald – October 17, 1939

There was a wild finish to the wrestling match at the Ruchcutter Bay Stadium last night, when Ronald Kirchmeyer (18st) was declared the winner after Brother Jonathan (17-5) was disqualified in the seventh round for striking the referee, Mr. Norman.  Each man gained a fall.

Both wrestlers went through the ropes, and, as Jonathan returned, he floored the referee.  Jonathan then hurled Kirchmeyer into the ringside seats and again attacked the referee, who immediately disqualified him.  Kirchmeyer’s forehead was gashed, and he climbed through the ropes and seized Jonathan, who broke free and left the ring.  The Stadium manager, Mr. Miller, and two seconds forced Kirchmeyer into a corner, eventually persuading him to leave.

Kirchmeyer earlier incurred the displeasure of the crowd by his rough tactics, and pennies and peanuts were hurled at him.  He was often hooted for climbing through or over the ropes when in difficulties.  Kirchmeyer secured the first fall with a python clutch hold in 5m 30s of the third round, and Jonathan with a crotch dump and body press pinned Kirchmeyer in 4m 20s of the sixth round.

Bhu Pinder, a Hindu wrestler, who is returning to India from America, arrived in Sydney yesterday.  He will appear at the Rushcutter Bay Stadium under engagement to Stadiums, Ltd.  Pinder has met all the leading wrestlers in America.


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