Strangler Lewis Is On Gayety Card

The Milwaukee Sentinel – January 25, 1926

With Strangler Ed Lewis and Nick Gotch in the windup, and Hans Bauer and Frank Le Marke in the other half of the double feature, Milwaukee wrestling fans will be given a treat at the Gayety theater Wednesday night.

The appearance of Lewis is holding top attention, but the Bauer-Le Marke contests is expected to be one of the best of the current season.

Lewis, who, with Joe Stecher, lays claim to the world’s championship, announces through his manager, Billy Sandow, that he has posted $5,000 with Paddy Harmon, Chicago sports promoter, for a bout with Stecher to settle the supremacy of the two.

In meeting Gotch, the Strangler tackles a 230 pound grappler who should give him plenty of trouble.  Gotch appeared here last season and made a good showing.

Because of the importance of the two bouts, the grapplers will be called on the mat at 10 p. m.


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