Curley Pans Wayne Munn

The Milwaukee Journal – April 17, 1925

New York – Jack Curley, the wrestling promoter, whose herd of bellowing bulls has been living on a starvation diet for more than a year, opened his larynx and laughed hysterically Thursday over the defeat of Wayne Munn, otherwise known as Big Munn, the Nebraska varsity football player, by Stanislaus Zyszko, who flopped Munn twice and took the world championship away from him.

“As a wrestling champion Big Munn is a big bum,” Mr. Curley giggled, “and he doesn’t know as much about wrestling as a pig knows about a knife and fork.  Any lightweight who knows the elementary holds could tie him in a four-in-hand knot.  Against a real wrestler of his own weight he’d last about as long as a nickel in a Broadway cabaret.

“The wrestling business in the middle west has been run by the dirtiest gang of crooks that ever lived and I’ve been trying to tell the public so for months.

“Munn – why the big stiff couldn’t throw a fit if he had epilepsy, but he was big and strong and looked the part so a lot of people thought he was a real champion.”

Curley used to run big wrestling shows in New York but the title changed hands too often and the public, becoming suspicious, stayed away from the matches, killing the game in the best wrestling town on earth.  Of late Curley has been trying to revive the business here, but with little success.

Stanislaus Zyszko, 58 years old, holding the championship again, will not receive any big offers from Curley to wrestle in New York because wrestling in this locality is an indoor, winter attraction, if any.

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