Wykoff Bounces Szabo In First Match Of Finale

Los Angeles Times – May 9, 1940

Lee Wykoff bounced Sandor Szabo in the first of a three-match series in the finals of the international wrestling tournament last night at the Olympic Auditorium. Wykoff grabbed the duke in 23m. 5s. after a series of body slams and a body press.

The Handsome Hungarian was tossed from the ring no less than four times by Wykoff, returning each time with a little less gusto. Wykoff picked him off the mat on his fourth return from the front-row seats and applied his vicious body slams that could be heard out on Grand Ave.

The two will continue their series with a two-fall match next Wednesday night, with Wykoff needing but one fall to take the title.

Crusher Billings and Jules Strongbow teamed up in fine style to down Sammy Stein and Tarzan White in a rugged team match. Billings and Strongbow won in 21s.

Rube Wright and Max Krauser fought 30 sizzling minutes to a draw, Bobby Coleman downed Mitsui Hamanaka with a body grip in 16m. 15s. and Milt Pollock tripped Wildman Zimm with a body press in 6m. 33s. in other matches.

Hans Steinke won a consolation tournament match over Pantaleon Manlapig with a facelock in 10m. 15s., while Ali Baba took a comedy fracas over Rudy LaDitzi, who substituted for Dean Detton, in 5m. 18s. with a body slam.

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