Weidner Pins Danny McShain

Los Angeles Times – May 28, 1940

A newcomer to local wrestling circles made his debut a successful one last night when Billy Weidner replaced Bob Gregory, who was injured this week, and won the two out of three fall main event matfest over Danny McShain at the Hollywood Legion Stadium.

Weidner took the first fall with a hammerlock in 15m. 49s. but lost the second to McShain in 10m. 10s. when the latter resorted to rough tactics with a few uppercuts and an abdominal stretch. Weidner copped the finale with an airplane spin in 11m. 44s.

A team match tournament then took the spotlight, with Otis Clingman and Ben Sherman dumping Red Lyons and Hans Schultz in two straight falls in the final round. The Clingman-Sherman duo won the first fall in 10m. 9s. and the second in 6m. 14s.

Paul Bozzell and Duke Pettigrove fell to the victorious team in 8m. 51s. in a first-round match, while Lyons and Schultz reached the finals by downing Buck Weaver and George Wagner in 11m. 54s.

Dude Chick handed Mike Nazarian his first loss in the semi-windup, using a cradle press to win in 11m. 59s. Charlie Carr and Mickey Ryan wrestled 20m. to a draw in the curtain raiser.

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