Londos Pitches Foe To Floor

Los Angeles Times – May 23, 1940
By Al Wolf

There’s been many a dive at the Olympic in these many years of fisticuffing and grappling, but never one so perfect as that involuntarily executed last night by Pantaleon Manlapig.

The blubbery Filipino manbender missed his calling, or else we’ve wasted considerable time watching gorgeous gals take off from high and low boards in aquatic carnivals. With champ Jimmy Londos serving as a springboard, Manlapig soared over the ropes and into a sea of spectators in an absolutely perfect jackknife with a one-half twist.

The “water” was of the hard variety, though, and by the time they had given Manlapig first aid referee Don McDonald had counted himself hoarse and forthwith awarded the fall to Londos. The time was 35m. 45s.

The islander was a sorry sight and kind-hearted McDonald called off the proceedings after 26s. of the second inning, thereby keeping Londos in possession of his title.

At a late hour last night, officials of the Olympic still were digging for the citizens who had occupied the seats which Manlapig pulverized as he “cut the water.”

The house numbered 7,500 souls. Results of the preliminaries:

Tarzan White drew with Ali Baba (both out of the ring at the time limit); Rube Wright drew with Vincent Lopez, 30 minutes; Jules Strongbow threw Jack Donovan in 8m. 39s., body press; Max Krauser threw Jose Sevilla in 5m. 11s., airplane spin; Bobby Coleman and Young Stecher drew, 20 minutes; Jimmy El Pulpo threw Louie Miller in 8m., 1s., octopus hold, and Milt Pollock threw Sonny LaMont in 12m. 45s, flying tackle.

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