Velcoff Unable To Return; Strangler Wins

Sacramento Union – December 15, 1931
By Steve George

Master of the mat, but of the old school of wrestling, Ed (Strangler) Lewis won by the aid of modern grappling methods last night before a representative crowd at Memorial Auditorium when Nick Velcoff butted himself out of the ring and fell easy prey to the champion’s famous headlock. After 47 minutes of grappling, with the world’s champion clamping all sorts of holds on the Bulgarian demon, Velcoff roughed it and butted Lewis to the mat a series of times. His next attempt found him doing a headlong dive into the row of seats beneath the ropes, falling with a thud against the floor. Lifted into the ring, Velcoff was half dazed, and two headlocks pressed him to the mat, where Lewis applied the power, rendering the gladiator almost unconscious. He was carried from the ring in a semi-conscious state and failed to answer the bell for the second fall.

Lewis, despite his 50 odd years and his more than 3,000 battles, is still able to take care of himself against the modern methods of butting, kicking, rabbit punching and other tactics unknown to him in his heyday. Lewis uses no such tactics, but goes about his business of clamping arm locks, head holds and nelsons. In addition, he is capable of putting on the showmanship, but not to any great extent. Velcoff made a creditable showing while he lasted.

The thrilling match of the night was between Doc Visser and Jack Reynolds, which went to Visser via the airplane spin in 21 minutes. The pair waged a brutal battle and both were cut up before the finish.

Don Andreas Costanos pinned Jack Kilonis in nine minutes, while Jack Reed and Hank Oswald opened the show with a 15-minute draw.


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