Torres Brothers Win Wild Match At Auditorium

Humboldt Standard – November 30, 1954

The Torres brothers, Enrique and Ramon, defeated Big Ben Sharpe and Smiling Bud Curtis in one of the wildest wrestling matches seen here this year last night at Municipal Auditorium.

With the fans standing up and screaming at the fast action, the wrestlers kept the auditorium in an almost continuous uproar as they grappled in and out of the ring and chased each other down the aisles.

The Torres brothers’ team won the first fall in 25 minutes of top-speed action which sometimes saw all four men going at it hammer and tongs in the ring with referee Frankie Miller unable to do anything about it.

Big Ben brought about his downfall by diving over the ropes from out of the ring with the idea of landing on Enrique Torres. Enrique scrambled away just in time and Big Ben splashed face first on the mat. Enrique pounced on him for the fall.

Big Ben and Bud came back to win the second fall, but then the Torres boys took the third and deciding fall over Curtis just two minutes after the rest period.

Fans left the auditorium saying it was one of the greatest matches ever presented here.

The opener also was good and saw the popular young Johnny Barend win two of three falls over a 265-pound fat boy named Lou Pitoscia from Toronto, Canada.

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