Thesz Wins Over Ben Sharpe In Match Here

Humboldt Standard – November 9, 1954

Lou Thesz, heavyweight champion of the world, showed terrific speed and wrestling know-how last night in winning from Big Ben Sharpe before $4221 worth of fans at Eureka’s Municipal Auditorium.

The match ended suddenly after about 35 minutes of wrestling when Thesz executed a Graeco-Roman wrestling style backdrop that landed Big Ben on his neck and momentarily stunned the oldest of the Sharpe brothers long enough for Thesz to pounce on him for the final fall.

Thesz had won the first fall of the match in 14 minutes when referee Frank Malcewicz disqualified Sharpe for refusing to break a hold.

The match was chiefly straight wrestling and many fans afterwards said they didn’t care too much for it. They would rather watch tag-team matches such as the Sharpe and Torres brothers engage in.

In the 45-minute semi-main event, Enrique Torres bested Juan Humberto in straight falls, taking the first in 25 minutes with a knee buster or, as Torres calls it, his “bombs away.”

The second fall came a minute and a half later when Humberto pulled a trick not in the rule book to enrage Torres who came off the ropes with a flying scissors.

In the opening match of the evening, George Scott, a replacement for mighty Mike Sharpe, who suffered a fractured rib in a match late last week, grappled to a 30-minute draw with Smilin’ Bud Curtis.

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