Three Matches Scheduled For Lions’ Show

Humboldt Standard – November 3, 1954

Enrique Torres will wrestle in the semi-windup and Mike Sharpe gets a preliminary bout on the Lou Thesz-Ben Sharpe heavyweight mat championship go in Eureka’s Municipal Auditorium next Monday night.

Torres, claimant of the Pacific Coast heavyweight championship, meets Juan Humberto, a roughneck from Mexico City, in the 45-minute semi-windup. The match will be best two out of three falls.

Mike Sharpe will meet George Scott, newest mat sensation from Calgary, Canada. Scott is six foot two inches tall and weighs 235 pounds and is said to be a great young matman.

This will be Scott’s first appearance in Eureka.

The main event, world’s champion Lou Thesz vs. Big Ben Sharpe, will be one hour, best two out of three falls.

Thesz will be seconded by his manager, “Strangler Ed” Lewis, the fabulous old champion of days gone by.

Ben Sharpe will be seconded by his brother, Mike.

Reserved seats are on sale each afternoon from 3 to 5 o’clock at Eureka Municipal Auditorium box office. Reservations also can be made by phoning the box office during these hours, Hiside 2-8393.

All reserved seats must be picked up by Sunday evening. Reservations on the regular reserved list and those made by phone will be held until that time.

The show is scheduled next Monday night, starting at 8 o’clock. Prices have been scaled at $5 reserved, $3 general and $1 children under 12.

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