Managoff Pins Mat Meanie

Los Angeles Times – November 14, 1940

Bobby Managoff, young Chicago marvel, righted a great wrong done to him (by his own admission) a week ago when he thoroughly drubbed Hardboiled Haggerty in straight falls last night at the Olympic.

A week ago, Managoff had won his way into the finals of the Gold Belt wrestling tournament but suffered disqualification when he charged into the ring ahead of schedule and landed on Haggerty, who was then engaged in winning his semifinal bout in positively brutal fashion.

But last night was a triumph for clean wrestling and Managoff performed like any good hero by dumping Haggerty with a series of drop kicks and body slams. The first fall took 8m. 47s. and softened the Hardboiled one to quite an extent. It took just 8m. 57s. for the wind-up and after another series of drop kicks, Managoff let fly with a finisher. Haggerty rolled over and was a gentle victim.

The scheduled three-fall semi-final match between Tommy Nilan and Jules Strongbow didn’t go as far as planned.

After about five minutes of tussling during which Strongbow was out of the ring several times, he was thrown out violently and injured his back, being unable to return to action.

Other results:

Pedro Brazil defeated Mike Riley, 12m. 57s., body press; Iron Mike Mazurki defeated Terry McGinnis, 17m. 29s., leg scissors; Vic Christy defeated Pat Riley, 14m. 27s., Riley out of the ring more than 20s; Dick Raines defeated Ignacio Martinez, 20m 56s., back breaker and body press.

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