Grapplers Spur War Bond Sale

Oregon Journal – February 13, 1944

A lot of the boys and gals around our fair village probably wouldn’t invest a hundred bucks in a heavyweight wrestler, but a considerable number of them have invested in a $100 war bond that entitles them to a ringside seat Tuesday night to see Steve Casey and Dean Detton, a couple of heavyweight wrestlers, in action.

Thus Dean and Steve, a pair of fancy heavyweight wrestlers with class stamped all over their ample physiques, will be doing their bit to spur the fourth war bond drive in Oregon.

Casey, a broth of a lad via Boston and waypoints, after embarking on his career in good old Dublin, Ireland, is the only man in the United States who holds a triumph over Maurice Tillet, the French Angel. Detton, a football and wrestling star at the University of Utah, 15 years back, once held the N.B.A.’s world heavyweight title and has hopes of holding it again some day.

Both grapplers tee off in the neighborhood of 235 pounds. Both are burly lads who start out with good intentions and wind up with an abundant supply of roughhouse tactics.

Colliding in Tuesday’s semi-windup will be popular Chief Thunderbird and Jack Carter, the latter of New Zealand. Carter comes here pegged as a lad who has as many mat tricks as his namesake has pills.

First bout will go on at 8:30 o’clock. Arrangements for this tussle will be completed Sunday.


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