Gagne Beats McClarity In ‘Sleeper’ Bout

Chicago Tribune – August 7, 1954
By Frank Mastro

Verne Gagne beat Roy McClarity in their wrestling match in International Amphitheater last night, but not before the underdog, McClarity, had put Gagne away once with Verne’s patented sleeper hold. A capacity crowd of 9,891 paid a gross gate of $26,310.

Gagne took the first fall in 24:13 with a sleeper. Shortly after that, referee Jim McMillen, old-time wrestler and now mayor of Antioch, was knocked unconscious. When he came to, McClarity was applying the sleeper to Gagne. McMillen, still reeling, counted out Gagne in 9:52, but Verne made short work of the deciding fall, disposing of McClarity with another sleeper in 6:21.

In the tag team match, Yukon Eric and Pat O’Connor beat Reggie Lisowski and Art Nielsen in two out of three falls, the third on a disqualification in 11:19. The winners had taken the first fall in 16 minutes and lost the second in 7:29. Other results, all one-fall decisions:

Little Beaver beat Tom Thumb, 21:26; Tommy Martindale beat Mitsu Arakawa, 18:45, and Benito Gardini beat Al Warshawsky, 14:32.

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