Detton, Casey To Tussle Here

Oregon Journal – February 6, 1944

In an effort to revive heavyweight wrestling warfare in the Northwest, Cal Herman, new matchmaker for the Western Athletic Club, Saturday announced he had signed Steve Casey and Dean Detton, former world’s champion, for top honors in his first offering, a card scheduled in the Auditorium Tuesday, Feb. 15.

In bringing Detton and Casey to town for a bit of grunting and groaning, Cal will be putting tow of the best matmen in the nation on display. Detton, following a banner mat and grid career at the University of Utah, embarked on a pro career which carried him to the top of the heap. He now operates a ranch and fruit orchard in Southern California. He was born and reared in Idaho.

Casey, best of the five brothers who left Dublin to carry on their mat skill, has never been defeated in the United States. He numbers among his victims the one and only French “Angel.”

The boys will be paid in war bonds. Cal will line up his supporting bouts in the near future.


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