Brisco’s Chat Comments Stir Up Another Feud

Charleston Post and Courier – November 4, 2001
By Mike Mooneyham

While family feuds are certainly not new to professional wrestling, the latest one to make headlines is quite unique.

This feud is a legitimate, behind-the-scenes war of words that actually involves three of wrestling’s most famous families and was sparked by comments made by former NWA world champion Jack Brisco during a recent Internet chat.

Brisco, a one-time NCAA heavyweight champion at Oklahoma State and a two-time NWA world titleholder during the 1970s, defended Vince McMahon’s decision to swerve Bret Hart out of the WWF title at the Survivor Series in November 1997.

“I thought Vince McMahon did the right thing by taking the belt off him,” Brisco said during a chat on the Slam Wrestling Web site. “Bret Hart owed it to Vince McMahon, the other wrestlers and the WWF to do the time-honored tradition. What does it mean, ‘I can’t drop the belt in Montreal because I’m from Canada?’ He’s from Calgary. That would be like me saying I couldn’t drop the belt in Florida because I’m an American.”

The rather innocuous comments, however, spurred an immediate response from Hart, who lashed out at both Brisco and his brother, WWF agent Jerry Brisco, in an update sent to members on his e-mail list.

“It wasn’t a question of losing in Canada, it was a question of losing to somebody who had no professionalism and no respect for me, or for any of his peers in the dressing room,” said Hart, referring to nemesis Shawn Michaels.

“Jack Brisco shouldn’t pass judgment on things he knows nothing about without first-hand info … other than that which he gets from his deceptive brother, Jerry, who, in fact, had a large part in orchestrating how to (mess with) me, under orders from McMahon; no more than I should make comments about how Ernie Ladd (beat up) the Brisco brothers in a parking lot, stuffed them into the trunk of his car and drove all over town with them, eventually dumping them out like trash at the promoter’s house. Or then again, maybe I don’t know enough about it so I shouldn’t say. At least Owen and I had more grit than that, but then again, Owen and I were certainly a much better class than the drunken, pill poppin’ Brisco brothers anyway.”

Hart, whose bitterness over the Montreal finish nearly four years ago has unfortunately colored his career since then, added fuel to the fire when he insulted another wrestling legend during the course of his diatribe against Brisco.

“When he (Brisco) was NWA champion, if they’d have told him to do the job for Crazy Luke Graham and then add on top of that, Crazy Luke telling Jack Brisco that he would absolutely never, under any circumstances, be willing to put him over, ever, would he still do it? (I use Crazy Luke here as a worst-case example and mean to imply no comparison between him and Shawn Michaels).”

3 responses to “Brisco’s Chat Comments Stir Up Another Feud

    • Classic Wrestling Articles

      The more time that goes by, the more I agree with you. The Montreal Screw Job seemed to benefit both Bret Hart and Vince McMahon. Hart left the WWF with a perfect babyface angle as he entered the rival organization and Vince was the ultimate bad guy. It doesn’t bother me though. It’s all par for the course in the pro wrestling business.

      I haven’t seen that Harley Race documentary though. Looks good.

      • In the Hart doc when Brett’s ol lady is in the back dressing down the boys she thought were responsible for the “screwjob” the hangdog bad acting was the icing on the cake as far as I was concerned.

        They were all in on it together. And everybody got rich, especially Vince who masterminded the affair.

        And I can’t wait to settle in and watch that Race doc, it looks incredible.

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