Belcastro Retains Possession Of Belt Against Billy Fox

Coos Bay Times – November 30, 1946

After holding the edge throughout, Billy Fox knocked himself out by diving through the ropes and thereby lost to Pete Belcastro in their match at the Armory Friday night for the Pacific Coast junior heavyweight wrestling belt.

Fox had won the first fall with a series of shoulder butts and a body press. He had Belcastro groggy in the second fall with the same treatment. However, on an attempted shoulder butt, Belcastro ducked and Fox went sailing through the ropes and onto the Armory floor. He suffered a severe muscle injury in his shoulder and had to be helped from the floor to the dressing room.

When Fox was unable to appear for the final fall, Belcastro kept possession of the highly prized belt.

The champ pulled every dirty trick in the books but still Fox had the better of him in the two falls that were battled out. At one time, Belcastro had referee Thor Jensen and Fox wrapped up in a package and then booted them bout out of the ring.

The semi-windup had the large crowd on its feet throughout as Tony Ross outslugged the Grey Mask in two out of three falls.

Several of the persons tried to get in their licks at the Mask and one succeeded in landing a good punch in the nose. The Mask won the first fall with a half-Boston crab. This fall was very rough and wild with the Mask setting up the fall with a series of head butts.

“Terrible” Tony came back to gain the second fall with a series of kidney punches, followed by a backbreaker and a body press. He won the third the same way in a rough fall.

The 30-minute curtain-raiser saw Bill Weidner and Buck Davidson wrestle the entire distance with neither able to gain a fall. The match was clean throughout and was even with both wrestlers showing plenty of scientific grappling.

Promoter Thor Jensen announced at the matches that the next series of grappling bouts would be held next Friday night at the North Bend Community Hall.

He said he planned to have six wrestlers in a battle royal. Two champions will be in the ring at that time, Jensen said.


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