Wrestling To Resume Here

Daytona Beach Morning Journal – January 21, 1961

Professional wrestling will return to Daytona Beach next Wednesday night at a new site – the spacious Main St. Ocean Pier.

Stu Schwartz of Tampa, the promoter, arranged terms for staging weekly Wednesday night wrestling shows at the Pier.

CHIEF BALD EAGLE... Indian wrestler

CHIEF BALD EAGLE… Indian wrestler

“We plan to bring the best talent that is available in Florida this season,” said Schwartz.

The opening program features a two out of three fall, one hour time limit heavyweight match between Rocky Ford of Chicago and Chief Big Eagle, billed as the “greatest Indian wrestler.”

Ford, 6-4, 240 pound newcomer in Florida, is a product of the U. of Southern Illinois.  Chief Eagle, Eagletown, Okla., is a crafty six foot, 235 pound veteran in the mat game.

The semifinal – two of three falls – matches two women rasslers.  Bonnie Watson, 142, Tampa, the Southern women’s champion, tussles rugged Kathy Starr, 145, Phoenix, Ariz.

In the opener, two of the top known midget wrestlers meet, Tiny Rowe, 105, and Cowboy Bradley, 97.

The show starts at 8:15.

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