Girls Return On Mat Card

St. Petersburg Independent – April 17, 1960



A change is on tap for viewers of the grunt and groan sport this Wednesday night, as Miss Ella Waldek and Miss Bonnie Watson return to the local scene to highlight weekly wrestling action at the new Armory.

The gals, a favorite of the fans, have been kept hidden in the background as the men led by Don Curtis, Eddie Graham, Iron Mike DiBiase, Don Eagle and St. Petersburg’s own John Henning have taken up squatters rights on promoter Pat O’Hara’s weekly card.

Graham has departed the scene, as far as wrestling is concerned, but will referee the Wednesday bedlam.  However, DiBiase and Curtis are still around, lending their respective talents to the wrestling sport.

DiBiase will team up with Jack Wentworth, a Canadian lumberjack, to face Marco Polo, Boston, and St. Pete’s O’Hara in a tag team affair.  Polo is the lightest of the four at 215, while Iron Mike hits the mat at 245.  The match, as well as all three of the evening affairs, are slated for a best two out of three fall run, with a 45-minute deadline set for ending activity.

Curtis will again place his title on the line against Henning.  In his last three outings the southern wrestling champion hasn’t been able to come out with a clear cut decision.  The matches have either ended in no contest calls, or finished in draws.

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