Viann-LaClaire Duo Cop Wrestle Feature Event

St. Petersburg Times – December 25, 1953
By Mae Barber

In the best girl wrestling match this reporter has ever been privileged to witness, the team of Violet Viann and Le Chona LaClaire turned back Bonnie Watson and Judy Glovers at the armory last night.  It was an Australian tag match.

LaClaire downed Glovers with a body slam and press after 24 minutes of tense grappling for the first fall.  Her partner Viann used and Irish whip and press to take Watson in nine minutes.

To the delight of the approximate 400 fans, only the official part of the match ended with the two falls.  The girls continued to grapple outside the ring and chased each other to various parts of the armory before a police officer intervened.

Fred Von Schacht, whose popularity on Sunset Beach brought him a spot on the council, returned to his accustomed villain’s role and it cost him his semifinal match against Nick Roberts.

Schacht took the first fall with an aerial body slam.  Roberts caught Schacht off balance and pinned him with a jackknife hold to even the falls.  Schacht appeared to be winning the third and decided fall until he floored referee George Bruckman and fell on him.  Bruckman promptly awarded fall and match to Roberts

Ike Eakins won the preliminary over Paddy Mack with a knee drop and a body press.

The Christmas Eve card was a benefit for the Community Chest.  Promoter Pat O’Hara expressed regret over the slim turnout.  “We’d hoped to be able to help more,” he said.


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