O’Connor Wins Feature Armory Wrestling Bout

Lakeland Ledger – February 20, 1961

Pat O’Connor retained his grappling title here Saturday night by defeating Jack Wentworth in successive falls at the Armory.

O’Connor won the first fall when Wentworth was disqualified for refusing to break a strangle hold.  O’Connor then swiftly pinned Wentworth with a submission hold in the second fall to win the match.

In the tag match the Von Brauner brothers, Kurt and Karl, were defeated in straight falls by the team of Guy LaRose and Jerry Miller.  Miller won the first with a body slam and press while all four grapplers were in the ring at the same time.  In the second fall referee Marco Polo disqualified the Von Brauners for illegal roughness and slugging him.

Miss Bonnie Watson won the woman’s match from Miss Kathy Starr.  Miss Starr won the first fall with a body slam, knee to the stomach and press.  Miss Watson evened matters with a reverse back slide and won the match with an alligator clutch and press.

Next Saturday there will be a six-man tag match pitting the Von Brauner brothers and their manager against LaRose, Polo and Miller.  It’ll be a best-of-three falls affair.

Two one-fall matches will round out the card beginning at 8 p.m.


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