Three Bouts At Beach Arena Tonight

Daytona Beach Morning Journal – January 12, 1954

Bonnie Watson, a girl whose ambition is to win the World’s girl tag team championship once she finds the right partner, will team up with Donna Marie Dieckman against the champions at the Beach Arena tonight.

Defending their title at the three bout special show will be June Byers and Mary Jane Mull, who have held the crown for over a year.  The matches will begin at 8:30 p.m.

Matchmaker Saul Weingeroff said he has found an opponent who’ll match Big Ike Eakins in size.  He is Bob Leipler, a 230 pound former University of Buffalo football star.  Leipler and Eakins will clash in one of the two male bouts tonight.

In the other, Nick Roberts will wrestle Eduardo Perez of Argentina.  Weingeroff also said he, Milo Steinborn or Herbie Freeman will referee tonight.

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