‘Blondie Bombshell’ And Bonnie Watson Grapple

The Florence Times – June 20, 1954

BONNIE WATSON, lady wrestler

BONNIE WATSON, lady wrestler

Lady wrestlers will take the spotlight as one half of the twin bill grappling card Monday night at Sheffield Community Center.  A four-man tag bout will complete the card of events.

Mary Jane Mull, “The Blonde Bombshell” will meet another attractive lass, Bonnie Watson, in a best two of three falls, hour limit opening match.  Miss Mull, who tips the scales at 136, is one of the nation’s leading women wrestlers.  She recently went against NWA women’s champion Mildred Burke in a championship match in Birmingham.  Miss Mull lost her chance to become the ladies champion in a close decision.  She is a fast and skilled veteran of the ring, and often uses unorthodox tactics to subdue her opponent.

Miss Watson, a young lady from Virginia, weighs 135, and is a very capable wrestler to go against Miss Mull.  She relies on her knowledge of scientific holds, and her cunning to take her share of mat honors.  Both these girls have excellent records and this match should prove to be one of the best held in this area in a long time.

In the tag bout four evenly matched men have been signed for a best two out of three falls, 60-minute limit affair.  Don Fields, 199, Pawhuska, Okla., and Lester Welch, 214, also of Pawhuska, two local favorites, will be teamed against “Rowdy Red” Roberts, 212, Little Rock, Ark., and Butch (the Black Scorpion) Boyette, 213, Memphis, Tenn.

Both Fields and Welch have both become extremely popular with local fans, due to their clean-cut style of wrestling and their pleasing dispositions.  Although they prefer clean wrestling, they can mix it up with the dirtiest if need be.

Red Roberts was the Southern Junior Heavyweight champion until three months ago, when he lost the belt to Ray Pirett, who defended his title here a few weeks ago.  Roberts has been “burning the “circuit” since his loss to Pirett in an effort to re-establish himself for another shot to regain the title.  His record has been outstanding and he is expected to be out after another win Monday night.

Boyette will be “rough and rowdy”, as usual, when he enters the ring.  Last week he and Fields met in a fast and grueling bout.  There will possibly still be some friction between these two left over from that encounter.  Boyette can always be depended upon to be in there giving out with his best in an effort to win.

Tickets will be on sale at 7 o’clock, belltime is 8:15.


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