Bonnie Watson To Make Local Debut At Armory

The Park City Daily News – February 1, 1955

Girl wrestlers will appear on the first half of a double main event wrestling card Wednesday night at the Armory.

Bonnie Watson, an Irish lassie from Charleston, West Virginia, will make her first appearance here.  Bonnie could easily become a model or starlet with her beauty.  But, with a great athletic background, her first love is wrestling.

Her opponent, Olga Zepeda, comes from Mexico and is not what would be classed an easy-going wrestler.  She has won better than 50 per cent of her matches.

In the men’s go, a 90-minute, 2-out-of-3 faller, Ali Pasha meets Stu Gibson.

Stu Gibson comes from Louisville and is a solid wrestler with a brilliant background in Golden Gloves boxing and collegiate football, and has a Bachelor of Science degree.  On one occasion in an exhibition, he floored Joe Louis.  Most of his wrestling encounters are short because his opponents burn out under his exhausting offensive style.

Ali Pasha, Stu’s mat foe, wrestled for 2 ½ years in high school in Turkey before becoming a professional.  He has appeared many times on “Wrestling from Hollywood” and has met the best… Togo, Moto, Leone and many other greats.


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