Steele Bows Out As Foe For Nagurski

St. Paul Pioneer Press – March 15, 1941

Ray Steele, dethroned by Bronko Nagurski Tuesday night, isn’t ready for another session right now so was eliminated by matchmaker Tony Stecher as a possible opponent for Bronko on the Dispatch-Pioneer Press Amateur Aid fund show next Friday night.

Steele said the strain of a year-long campaign as titleholder tolled heavily on him in his losing stand against Bronko and that all he wants for the next few weeks is plenty of rest.

From another quarter, however, came a challenge this morning to which Stecher will have to give consideration.

Lou Thesz, former world’s champion and the man from whom Bronko won the NWA crown in June, 1939, wants another shot at it.

After beating Bronko a fall at Houston in a two out of three falls match. Thesz caught one of Nagurski’s flying tackles amidships, hit the concrete floor outside and suffered a broken kneecap after which he was an easy victim.

The Hungarian grappler is back in stride, however, and feels Nagurski owes him another chance, now that the Bronk is back on top.

Stecher says he wants to talk it over with Nagurski before reaching any decision on the Thesz challenge. He wants to be sure Bronko is ready again, after such a grueling match with Steele, to square off with a man of Thesz’ caliber.

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