Nagurski Risks Crown In Aid Fund Bout

St. Paul Pioneer Press – March 21, 1941

Who will benefit most from the Dispatch-Pioneer Press’ fourth annual Amateur Aid Fund wrestling show in the theater section of the St. Paul Auditorium tonight?

Certainly, deserving amateur athletes will come in for a big share since all proceeds after expenses go into the Aid Fund “kitty.”

And certainly the several thousand fans and lovers of amateur sports who so willingly pitch in each year to make the event a success.

For the championship bout between Bronko Nagurski and Lou Thesz, St. Louis challenger, which tops the bill promises to be one of the most spectacular mat battles witnessed here if it approaches in any way their meeting at Houston two years ago in which Nagurski first came into possession of the NWA title.

From there on it’s up to the wrestler to see who benefits most.

Nagurski has a chance to rid himself of a young, troublesome challenger while he is at the same peak of condition that enabled him to outlast Ray Steele and regain the title last week.

Thesz is out to regain the title while Bronko is still receiving congratulations on his own return to the throne.

In the St. Louis grapplers’ favor are youth and speed which Bronko hopes to offset with his battering ram tactics, superior strength and a slight pull in the weights.

As a side issue, Nagurski and Thesz will be perpetuqating a managerial feud that has existed for 15 years between Tony Stecher and Tom Packs, St. Louis promoter and Thesz’ manager.

A strong supporting card has Rudy Strongberg clashing with Jim Wright in the semiwindup, Ralph Garibaldi debuting against Walter Podolak in the second prelim and Stan Myslajek meeting Steve Brody in the opener at 8:30 p.m.

Although a heavy advance sale forecasts the top mat crowd of the year there seems little possibility of a complete sellout and many good reserved seats are still available.

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