Cullum’s Column

Minneapolis Morning Tribune – March 20, 1952
By Dick Cullum

The phone here has been buzzing with hot words from wrestling fans who went to the auditorium Tuesday night.

A few have been contending they are entitled to get their money back because of what happened.

Here is the story. Referee Kostas Davelis interceded when Bronko Nagurski was giving Fred Von Schacht some rough rope-butts, an illegal maneuver. Nagurski, facing the referee, and gesturing freely, was attempting to justify his actions.

Von Schacht sneaked up behind the Nag, struck him and barreled into him in such a way that the Nag’s gesturing fist hit the referee in the face.

Upon arising, the referee disqualified Nagurski on the grounds that it calls for automatic disqualification when a contestant strikes a referee.

Davelis, being a little fellow and entirely screened off by Nagurski, did not know that Von Schacht, and not Nagurski, had furnished the momentum for the knockdown blow.

What’ll they think of next?

But about this money-back business – I dunno.

If a precedent were set by which the fans could get their money back whenever a referee, umpire or judge made a mistake there would be long lines at the box office after every boxing, basketball, baseball, football or wrestling contest in the country.

I guess bad officiating is just one of the things you are entitled to for the price of admission.


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