Ex-Gator Making Go Of Wrestling Game

Atlanta Constitution – April 29, 1931

Atlanta – Cy Williams, who a few years ago was playing football for the University of Florida, left Atlanta a short time ago for New York and a wrestling career. 

Henry Weber, local matchmaker for the wrestling shows, received a letter from Williams Tuesday in which he said that he was doing well and liked the game.

“Williams came to me and told me he wanted to become a wrestler,” said Weber. “I arranged for him to go to New York, where he can receive training. In a year he should be ready for big matches. That is, he will if he trains hard and sticks to it.

Doug Wyckoff, former Georgia Tech star, is also considering a wrestling career, it is reported.

College men are meeting with great success in the game. Jim McMillen, former Illinois football star, is sure to earn about $100,000 this season after about five years in the game.

“Show me any other profession where a young man can step out of college and in three or four years be earning from $60,000 to $100,000,” said Weber. “Any young man who is big and strong enough can’t find a better profession if he has courage in addition to his other assets.”


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