Casey O’Dale Wins From Rudy Warner

The Oregonian – October 26, 1927

Casey O’Dale, Irish matman of Cedar Rapids, Ia., slammed Rudy Warner, Omaha grappler, to the padded canvas for a clean knockout in their match last night at the Heilig Theater. The limb-locking tussle, one of the most spectacular ever seen here, ended right then and there, with the Irish lad declared a winner, for Warner was unable to come back after a 15-minute rest.

Warner may have forgotten more of the fine art of wrestling than O’Dale will ever know but, on the other hand, there are a few things about the act of manhandling that evidently the Omaha man didn’t know.

Warner, as tricky a grappler has ever stepped on a Portland mat, was no match for O’Dale when it came down to a test of strength.

The Omaha grappler took the first fall after 45 minutes 45 seconds of serious leg pulling. The match ended after 14 minutes of battle in the second fall. O’Dale forced Varner to the mat with a side headlock. When the latter returned to his feet, the Irishman grabbed him with a crotch and body hold and slammed him again for the knockout.

Oscar Vance, who refereed, was forced to caution both men several times for rough work, but he kept the exhibition well in hand at all times.

Tonight’s preliminary was a match between Chet Wiles and William Johnson. There were no falls. Wiles took the decision with a strong finish, making good on a series of head holds and leg splits.

It was announced that Mike Romano, who defeated O’Dale here in the first match of the season, would meet Ira Dern by the Heilig next Wednesday night.

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