Wrestling Championship

The New York Times – March 12, 1905

The Gotch-Jenkins Match Will Take Place in the Garden.

Frank Gotch, America’s champion catch-as-catch-can, will be here to-morrow morning to complete arrangements for his match with Tom Jenkins, the ex-champion, at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

Jenkins and Gotch will meet to-morrow afternoon to select a referee for the match and to decide upon several important points regarding the rules, the most important one being the question as to whether the strangle hold shall or shall not be allowed.  Gotch’s manager, Harry Lerch of Buffalo, who was in town yesterday, proposed several well known sporting men to referee the contest, principal among them being Eddie McBride of Buffalo and Walter Kelly of Cleveland.  Jenkins’s manager suggested the names of George Bothner, Hugh Leonard, and “Tim” Hurst.

Jenkins, who seems to have unlimited confidence in his ability to turn the tables on his conqueror, is working at Thompson’s Gymnasium, and appears to be in the finest possible condition.  The lameness in his arm which practically gave Gotch a present of their recent match in Cleveland, has entirely disappeared, and “Big Tom” is as fast and strong as he ever was in his life.

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