Ed Lewis Throws Shikina At Coliseum AC

San Diego Union – May 10, 1933
By Ted Steinmann

Ed (Strangler) Lewis, veteran of many years on the mat, needed only a little more than 33 minutes last night to win two out of three falls and the match from Oki Shikina, Japanese, at the Coliseum Athletic Club. Lewis won the first and third falls with Shikina surprising to take the second with one of his special joint pressure holds which aided him recently in scoring a string of four victories here.

The veteran, who came into the ring weighing 245 pounds, won the first fall in 17:38, pinning Shikina, who weighed 210, after throwing him heavily to the mat with a series of headlocks. Shikina took the second with what Curley Morgan insisted was a “Japanese arm strangle.” The hold did things to the Strangler’s elbow and made him go down. Shikina had his legs around Lewis’ forearm and put pressure on the elbow while using his weight to force the off shoulder to the mat.

Lewis turned the tables on Shikina to gain the deciding fall in 3:13. The Japanese had Lewis on the mat with a jackknife and bar arm hold. After several attempts to get free, Lewis regained his feet and held Shikina’s shoulders to the mat while referee Don McDonald tolled the fatal three seconds.

Shikina bothered Lewis considerably with arm holds throughout the match and also seemed to break away with cute little touches to vital spots here and there. But when Lewis finally got to work he won handily.

It remained for Nick Lutze and Rudy Skarda to put up the match of the night. They went a half-hour to a draw in the semi-final and when they left the ring the crowd, one of the largest to greet a mat show in some time, cheered both contestants.

A clean, fast exhibition, the two young heavyweights gave the fans what they wanted. They were at once rematched for a finish engagement next Tuesday night, inaugurating a string of weekly shows at the Coliseum in place of every other week.

Both Skarda and Lutze used reverse arm locks freely in the early part of the match. Skarda also had Lutze on the mat for a long period with a headlock but the Venice heavyweight broke away with a leg split. A toe hold which put Lutze’s foot in his lap looked for a time good enough to win for Skarda, but Nick finally broke free. Skarda weighed 210 and Lutze 200.

Dr. P.A. Mullikan, California light heavyweight champion, won from Tony Marconi, Los Angeles heavyweight, in 15:01 in the second event when the Italian heavy failed to regain the ring in 20 seconds after a drop into the first row seats.

This match was typical of the Mullikan productions with roughness predominating. Marconi had Mullikan crawling for the ropes a good part of the time. Both fell from the ring on the south side. The doctor got back and Marconi was counted out.

Dave Snodgrass surprised to win from Steve Strelich in 13:26 in the opener. Here, too, Snodgrass got back into the ring after a fall while Strelich was too late. Marconi and Mullikan used the same laps for a fall as did Snodgrass and Strelich. Snodgrass weighed 187 and Strelich 179.


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